(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
n. ranch, rancho, plantation, farmstead, grange. See abode.—v. cultivate, till. See agriculture.
(Roget's IV) n.
Syn. plantation, ranch, homestead, field, grange, pasture, meadow, grassland, truck farm, estate, farmstead, enclosure, land, claim, holding, improved farm, acres, freehold, leasehold, cropland, soil, acreage, garden, patch, vegetable garden, orchard, nursery, vineyard, demesne, hacienda, kibbutz, collective farm, experiment station, estancia (Spanish American), croft ( British ), spread*.
Syn. cultivate land, engage in agronomy, raise crops, cultivate, till, garden, work, plow, hoe, plant, sow, operate, superintend, look after, lease, run, ranch, crop, graze, homestead, run cattle, run sheep; raise cattle, raise pigs, raise chickens, etc.; husband, produce, grow, enclose, pasture, break the soil, till the soil, take up a claim, sharecrop, dress the ground, hop clods*; see also farming .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus)
farmstead, plantation, ranch, grange, barnyard, homestead, pasture, vineyard, orchard, acreage, tillage, croft, hacienda, patch, garden. ''An irregular patch of nettles, bound by short term notes, containing a fool and his wife who didn't know enough to stay in the city.''—S.J. Perelman.
animal-raising: pastoral farming
animal used for pulling: draft animal
barren, as a field left unplanted: fallow
changing crop type grown in field periodically: crop rotation
channel cut into soil: furrow
chicken house: coop
corn storage structure: corncrib
cover crop and fodder: alfalfa
cow barn: byre
crops sold for money, not used as feed: cash crops
crop such as grass planted to prevent soil erosion: cover crop
cutting edge of moldboard plow: plowshare
cylindrical storage building for fodder: silo
descriptive: rolling patchwork; regiment of corn; pastoral quilting; stubble fields of Autumn; Irish green fields; weathered, swayback barn; plodding draft animals; rooting pigs; hens scratching in the dirt
farming: husbandry
farming to feed family only with crops: subsistence farming
feed for livestock: fodder
fertilizer: manure, compost, fish meal, bone meal
fodder that has been stored: silage
grain storage building: granary
grazing land for animals: pasture harvesting machine that cuts, threshes,
cleans, bags grain: combine
hay cutter: mower, sickle, scythe
hayfork: pitchfork
hay grass, most common in United States: timothy
hay pile (long) left to dry in field: windrow
hay pile shaped like cone: haycock
horse enclosure: corral
implement having spikes or disks for breaking clods, refining soil: harrow
implement having teeth, pulled by tractor to gather loose hay: rake
implement that breaks up soil, uproots weeds: cultivator
irrigation, farming without: dry farming
laborer: farm hand, migrant worker, bracero
natural farming without man-made pesticides, fertilizers: organic farming
pesticide spraying, especially by air: crop dusting
plant, scatter seeds: sow
rig that compresses and ties hay into blocks: baler
rig that separates seeds, grains from straw: thresher
rig that spreads manure, lime, other material: spreader
rotary blades for breaking up soil: tiller
separated husks of grain: chaff
separate seeds, grains from straw: thresh
shelf plowed into hill to prevent water runoff: terrace
silo that is horizontal: bunker silo
sowing grass to be used as pasture: ley farming
spread seeds: broadcast
stumps of crops left after harvest: stubble
subsistence farm, small: croft
tenant farmer who works for a share of the crop: sharecropper
unplowed strip of land at end of furrows: headland
wedge-shaped plow of yesterday: moldboard plow
see barn, ranch
cultivate, grow, sow, plow, till, raise crops, plant, practice husbandry, work the soil, *scratch out a meager existence, garden, homestead, ranch.

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